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White Wine Félix Rocha Suavignon Arinto 2021 750ml

Referência  6581095  Marca FELIX ROCHA


Technical Characteristics Description

Designation of Origin: Vinho Regional Lisboa   Grapes: Suavignon Blanc & Arinto

Production: Our Suavignon Blanc and Arinto vines are planted in clay-limestone soils from the Jurassic period. The age of the plants, over a decade, exposure to Northwest sun and the commitment to viticulture, originate high quality grapes. The average yield of this plot is 60hl/ha.

Vinification: Manual harvest, carried out at the peak of phenolic and alcoholic maturation, at the end of August 2021, in 20Kg boxes and quickly transported to the cellar in order to preserve the quality of the grapes. Total destemming, soft pressing of the whole berries and static cold decanting. Fermented in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature to maintain the specific character of the grape varieties.

Color: Citrine yellow
Aroma: Aromas of passion fruit and green asparagus stand out, characteristic of Suvignon Blanc, balanced with the minerality of Arinto.
Taste: Fresh in the mouth, with a good balance between structure, acidity and volume. Persistent finish.

Teor alcoólico 13%   Acidez total 8,10 g/L  pH 3,08
Reducing sugars 1.5 g/L

Storage in a cellar: Store horizontally, away from direct light in a cool, damp place.   Expected shelf life: 5 years
Consumption Suggestions: It should be consumed in appropriate glasses at a temperature of 10 - 12ºC. Excellent as an aperitif. Serve with salads, grilled fish, sushi, seafood and white meats.

6581095 Félix Rocha Suavignon Arinto White Wine 2021 750ml

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